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A Full-Featured Alarm Clock For Windows CE
and Windows 95/98/NT

30 Day Free Trial

Windows 95/98/NT Screenshot, for more screenshots go here


  • Set up to 100 alarms.
  • Support for color P/PC and HPC Pro.
  • 24 Hr count up/down timer
  • Optional hourly chime.
  • Support for desktop synchronization
  • Windows 95/98/NT version.
  • Big digits for easy viewing.
  • Snooze with configurable snooze interval.
  • 12 / 24 hour formats.
  • Choose any *.wav file for each alarm.
  • Adjustable volume independant of the system volume.
  • Hot keys; Space Bar = snooze, Enter = stop alarm.
  • Alarms activate the clock and sound even if AlarMe is not running, and the power is off (Windows CE only).
  • Set Alarm by day of the week.
  • Set foreground and background color on PCs that support color.