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NEW Pricing
$10.00 Windows CE

$7.00 Windows 95/98/NT

$15.00 for both
(if purchased together)

Pocket PC Version
Free Upgrade to Registered Window CE Users.

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A Full-Featured Alarm Clock For Windows CE
and Windows 95/98/NT

Download AlarMe

30 Day Free Trial

This trial version of AlarMe is free for 30 days. At the end of this time the trial version of AlarMe will stop functioning unless you register it. The registered version of AlarMe costs just $10.00 for the Windows CE version, $7.00 for the Windows 95/98/NT version, or $15.00 for both versions. To order AlarMe go here.

All versions are self-extracting setup files. Download the version you need to your computer and run it. If you are installing to Windows CE, make sure your HPC or Pocket PC is connected to your desktop computer.

NEW! AlarMe 3.0

This new version includes the following new features:

         Support for Windows 95/98/NT, HPC-Pro and the new color Palm-sized PCs.

         Up to 100 alarms can be set and saved to a file for backup or synchronized with your desktop PC.

         A 24 hour count-up/count-down timer.

         Hourly chime option.

The new version is split into four setup programs for quicker download. Select the device you are installing to. This version supports Windows 95/98/NT, and Windows CE 2.0 and higher. Windows CE 1.0 users download AlarMe 2.03 below.

Pocket PC

Palm-size PC

Handheld PC 2000

Handheld-Pro (Win CE 2.11)

Handheld PC (Win CE 2.0)

Windows 95/98/NT/2000

Previous Version

Download this version if you are using Windows CE 1.0. This version does not support HPC-Pro or color Palm-sized PCs. This version also does not support Windows 95/98/NT.

Download AlarMe 2.03
(159Kb PPC and HPC)
(Installed size approx. 40Kb)