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$10.00 Windows CE

$7.00 Windows 95/98/NT

$15.00 for both
(if purchased together)

Pocket PC Version
Free Upgrade to Registered Window CE Users.

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Order AlarMe

You can order AlarMe by credit card, or by Phone. (please read the End User License Agreement before ordering).

After ordering AlarMe you will receive an email message with a registration code. You will have a choice of either downloading a registered version of the software, or entering a registration code in the demo software. You can enter the code in the demo software by choosing About AlarMe from the Help menu and then click the Register button in the About box.

For special prices on multiple orders or other questions email: info@eppen.com

By Credit Card Online
Via our secure online ordering page

$10.00 AlarMe for Windows CE and Pocket PC

$7.00 AlarMe for Windows 95/98/NT

$15.00 Both AlarMe versions (Only if purchased together)

By Phone

To order by phone call toll free 877-353-7297. Have your credit card information and email address ready. When asked, tell the operator you are ordering AlarMe, along with the appropriate product number listed below.

1408-1 AlarMe for Windows CE and Pocket PC

1408-2 AlarMe for Windows 95/98/NT

1408-3 Both AlarMe versions